Windsurfing on Bonaire

On the east coast, also known as the windward side, of Bonaire you will find Lac Bay, a shallow and sheltered water area. The forecast is always sunny, warm and windy. Lac Bay is where the majority of windsurfers will hang out on Bonaire.  There are 3 beaches along this bay РSorobon Beach Club, Jibe City and Windsurf Place. We enjoy all 3, but for windsurfing, we will hang by Jibe City or Windsurf Place.

Watching the amazing wind surfers literally fly across the water is unbelievable. Due to the never ending trade winds, Bonaire is a wind surf paradise and is home to many well regarded wind surfers. Watching the amazing  tricks, twists and turns is totally entertaining.

Both Jibe City and Windsurf Place offer board rentals and lessons. Jibe City has a restaurant next door with gratis lounge chairs for diners. Windsurf place will offer lounge chairs for a small fee. They both offer covered and sunny areas.

The shallow waters of Lac Bay provide perfect conditions for new windsurfers. The staff at both facilities are well trained in providing the perfect lessons for any level surfer. After just an hour lesson, you will be catching the wind and setting sail.

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