Wind Surfing & Kiteboarding on Bonaire

Our guide to help you prepare to set sail Wind Surfing & Kiteboarding on Bonaire where the trade winds & warm weather are perfectly suited for Wind Surfing at Sorobon and Kite Surfing at Atlantis Beach.

Bonaire offers many water sports in the crystal blue waters of the Caribbean Sea – kayaking, snorkeling, sailing, fishing and boating to name just a few. But the island is world famous for its surfing – wind surfing and kite surfing that is – both are found at the southern end of Bonaire and both benefit from water areas almost exclusively dedicated for their use.

The water is waist deep for most of Sorobon, where you will find world famous wind surf beaches. Located on the south-east of Bonaire, are Jibe City and Windsurf Place – 2 amazing beaches each with a wind surf vendor, sun bathing area and restaurant which caters to the windsurfing & beach going community. Whether you are new to windsurfing, and looking for lessons, or experienced & looking for equipment, you will find everything you need for the prefect wind surf experience.

Also located in the south-east of Bonaire is Sorobon Beach resort – a quiet area for sun bathing and dining.

Stroll out into the waters of Sorobon, just past the wind surfers, and you will find a small dock where you can relax and enjoy the warm water with cool breeze.

Wind Sufing & Kite Boarding on Bonaire Kite Board
Whether you come out to watch or participate, the Kite Boarding in Bonaire is spectacular.

Trade winds, relatively calm water, warm air temperatures and warm sea temperatures just about 365 days a year makes Bonaire an ideal destination for your Kiteboarding vacation.  Bonaire is home to Atlantis, or Kiteboarding, Beach which is located on the south-west tip of Bonaire. Kiteboarders regularly come across sea turtles and may even catch a glimpse of dolphins.

There are two kite board schools on Bonaire, and your hosts at Villa Lunt would be happy to put you in touch with them.