The Beautiful Caribbean Flamingo

Bonaire is home to many beautiful birds, but perhaps the most elegant is the Caribbean Pink Flamingo. The beta carotenes, found easily in the crustaceans and plankton on Bonaire, make the Caribbean Flamingo one of the most colorful of all.

As you drive around Bonaire, you will see many flamingos.  There are three places you will find an abundance of Flamingos.

In the mangroves by Lac Bay, filled with clear water & full of colorful fish, you will find many exotic pink flamingos. The flamingos find fresh food in these waters, and in turn provide tourists with wonderful opportunities to view them in their natural habitat. As you head to Lac Bay and Sorobon, you will be treated to many opportunities to view these beautiful birds.


Bonaire houses one of only four areas in the world which breed Flamingos – The Pekelmeer  (“salt lake” in Dutch) Flamingo Sanctuary.  Although not open to the public, you can view these beautiful birds in their sanctuary near the salt lakes of Bonaire. A pair of binoculars are in order to view them from the road, or while relaxing at Pink Beach.

Villa Lunt Bonaire salt ponds Bonaire

These pools appear pink against the white salt pyramids. The pink color comes from the tiny rosy brine shrimp which live in the water. At the southern end of the island, amid the vast salt pans,The Pekelmeer Flamingo sanctuary resides.



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