Klein Bonaire

Klein Bonaire

Klein Bonaire, or Little Bonaire, is the small slice of land you see as you fly into Bonaire Flamingo airport.  The moment our eyes set sight on Klein Bonaire, we take a deep breath, relax and know our Bonaire vacation has begun.

Klein Bonaire is a small, flat, uninhabited island located a half mile off the coast of Bonaire. It is owned by the government of Bonaire, and is protected from development. Included in the protection of the Bonaire National Marine Park, Klein Bonaire is home to nestling turtle grounds as well.  Klein Bonaire is also home to one of the only true sandy beaches of Bonaire – No Name Beach.

Known for its amazing diving and snorkeling, time spent on Klein Bonaire is a must for all Bonaire visitors.  With shallow reef areas, steep drop offs and lots of healthy reef, there is a lot of underwater sea life to explore.

With no development, comes no facilities, except for a few small shade structures and trash receptacles. Bring with you what you need for the day – lots of water, some snacks, and perhaps a nice meal.  The island is very peaceful, and is a wonderful way to spend a day if you are well prepared.

There are several spots on the island which you can access a taxi to get to Klein Bonaire. We like to use the taxi at Eden/Spice Beach Club. It is convenient to Villa Lunt, and is a great place to spend time as well.





Bonaire From The Sea

Charter a boat

Pamper yourself with a private boat tour on Bonaire From The Sea.

When our family visits Bonaire, we spend a lot of time refreshing, fixing up, and cleaning Villa Lunt. Although we take time each day to enjoy Bonaire, towards the end of our trip, it is time to pamper ourselves! It’s Bonaire From the Sea to the rescue with a luxurious chartered boat ride! This is a highlight of our visits to Bonaire. A fabulous family day spent enjoying each other, relaxing, chilling out, snorkeling and dining. Rich and Sue offer great sailing, a wonderful guided snorkel tour, delicious lunch and tapas for dinner. Food and drink are included in the private tour.

Bonaire From the Sea has several charter options to chose from, our family chose the full day option. Several of our guests have used them with rave reviews as well.

From their website : Bonaire from the Sea offers bespoke liveaboard sail, dive and snorkel charters around the beautiful coast of Bonaire in the Dutch Caribbean. You will sail with an experienced and knowledgeable captain and crew and they will act as your guides whilst you dive or snorkel in the calm blue waters, mooring up at any one of over 100 different sites around Bonaire and Klein Bonaire. Sea turtle sightings are our specialty! And they are right – Sue knew we wanted to see the turtles, and she found them for us!

Rich provided us a log of our tour. It was a happy reminder of our fun day!

Private Charter Ride Private charter bonaire

We hope you will find Bonaire From The Sea as glorious as we do!

Snorkeling Bonaire

Snorkeling on Bonaire

Our family LOVES snorkeling Bonaire. And, it couldn’t be easier. Bonaire is well known for her easy access for shore diving for SCUBA divers, and with that comes awesome fishing finding for snorkelers. The sea is calm and the water is clear.

Some of our favorite sites are located very close to Villa Lunt.

  • 1000 Steps which isn’t really 1000 steps, but the stone stair case will bring you down to a fabulous snorkel option
  • Oil Slick, where you can combine some fun cliff jumping with snorkeling.
  • Andrea I & Andrea II are a healthy walking distance from Villa Lunt, but located within the Sabadeco neighborhoods. We enjoy snorkeling at these sites, then jumping off the Sabadeco pier.

We also enjoy bringing our snorkel gear to many of the beaches on Bonaire.

  • Spice Beach has a great pier which you can easily access the water while geared up. The pier also attracts lots of fish. As you swim around the pier, you can head toward Coco Beach
  • Te’Amo Beach has a beautiful Coral with lots of sea life to be seen. We enjoy spending time snorkeling here while enjoying the Kite City Food truck for a nice lunch. Don’t forget the beach chairs in the garage!
  • Jibe City is fun to snorkel around. The water is very shallow. We find much less sea life in this area, but it’s fun day all around, and only more enhanced with snorkels and a fin.


Almost any shore dive site will wow you as a snorkeler. No matter where you go in the water, you are sure to find beautiful fish all around. If you are feeling a little adventurist, grab a dive map, and head out to any shore access site, snorkel up, and have fun.

Kayak The Mangrove on Bonaire

Kayak The Mangrove on Bonaire

The Bonaire Mangroves, in the Lac Bay area, are a perfect area to explore by Kayak.  Steer your kayak through the shallow waters and tunnels of the mangroves and experience one of the best preserved mangroves in the Carribean. The Bonaire mangrove is home to many species of plants, birds and fish who thrive in Bonaire’s waters.  With a guided kayak tour through the mangroves, your trained leader will identify all the species of plants and magnificent birds in this beautiful and tranquil forest. Your guides will happily educate you about the wildlife and plant origins on Bonaire in the mangrove.

Also in Lac Bay, you will find many conch shells. The sea grass in this area is an important environment for queen conch shells, and many other sea creature including sea horses, turtles, lobsters and rays. The grass also filters water in Lac Bay.

The fisherman recognized the importance of mangroves to the eco-system. They used to ply the canopied waterways in their boats, fishing and harvesting mangrove twigs. They used the long, pliable sticks to make mats, window coverings and other useful items. This was done by slicing the twigs into long pieces and weaving them into the desired items. Now that the mangroves are protected and the old fishermen have passed on, this art has been lost. Today the mangroves are used as a recreation area.

The mangrove forest of Lac Bay is part of the Bonaire National Marine Park, and all guides must be certified to bring  you through the mangroves. Although there are many operators on Bonaire, we do recommend you check out tours given by

Mangrove Info & Kayak Center

Tel: +599 780 53 53

Oh, and don’t forget the sunscreen, bug spray and water shoes!

Landsailing on Bonaire

Landsailing on Bonaire

Landsailing on Bonaire???? What is it??? I came across this newly returned to Bonaire activity and it is AWESOME! Land Sailing involves 3 wheeled Blokarts, or go-carts, with a large sail attached – it is sailing on land. The Blokarts are powered by the fabulous trade winds of Bonaire. Bonaire Landsailing Adventures offers unique, safe, adrenalin-filled fun for the whole family.

Bonaire Landsailing Adventures says no experience is necessary as they will provide all training & they are absolutely right! After a few runs around the track, we felt like experts.  The kids were racing each other, and I am embarrassed to say, they lapped me several times.

Landsailing in Bonaire

Reservations are highly recommended to ensure your Blokart will be waiting for you. Which is much nicer than you waiting for it 🙂  Our group chose to rent the entire track for an hour. This is a good, and economical, option if you have a larger group.

Located off the road to Rincon, you can find them on google maps, they show up almost directly across the island from Villa Lunt in Sabadeco.

Here are links to the Bonaire Landsailing Facebook Page  & the Bonaire Landsailing Adventures Website where you can get more information on this fabulous activity including prices, hours of operation and contact information.


Blokart Land Sailing Bonaire

Experience the thrill! Join us at the blokart track!

Posted by Bonaire Landsailing Adventures on Saturday, February 17, 2018

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Exploring Bara Di Karta

Exploring Bara Di Karta

Exploring the country side of Bonaire is a fun thing to do while on Bonaire. Heading to the middle of the island, you will find the trails of Bara Di Karta, named for a hill in the neighborhood. You will find paths to hike, bike or drive while exploring the different landscapes, nature, history and many hidden treasures of Bonaire.

An excursion on the driving trail will bring you first to the volcanic soil found on Bonaire from eruptions years ago in the sea. As you continue the drive, you will find the old plantation, where aloe vera used to be made, and some say is haunted. You will journey to the salt lakes, then see Bonaire’s longest mangrove tree, which grows long instead of high due to the trade winds. Nearby you will see a boka, a mouth of water. I found the large boulders from left from the long past tsunamis one of the most interesting sites.  Your next few stops will be Kunukus, which are traditional Bonarian farms.  There is an irrigation well, where you can learn about the importance of wells in Bonaire farming. Continuing the driving trail will bring you to a few hiking trails –  take an excursion and checkout the hill of Bara Di Karta.

The video below will take you through this driving trail, explaining all the different sites you will come upon.





The Donkey Sanctuary on Bonaire

The Donkey Sanctuary on Bonaire

Donkeys were introduced to Bonaire in the 17th century by Spaniards who used the animals to perform hard labor.  As Bonaire became industrialized, the Donkeys were no longer needed and set free.  Unfortunately, these animals are not well adapted to Caribbean weather and the traffic of Bonaire. In an effort to save and protect these animals, the sanctuary was created as a safe haven for the donkeys.

The Bonaire Donkey Sanctuary is home to more than 600 donkeys who roam in the enclosed land. The animals are fed and cared for daily by the wonderful and loving staff of the sanctuary.  Open to the public, you can visit any day between 10:00 am to 5:00 pm. A small fee will allow entrance to drive through the sanctuary, and enjoy these fun animals. As you drive through their land,  the donkeys will surround your vehicle, poke their heads in, and enjoy treats you are willing to share. (hint, they love carrots)

When we visit the sanctuary, we enjoy spending time in the small enclosure just behind the little office building. There you will find the younger donkeys, and the mommies with their babies.  Just behind this enclosure, is a small turtle sanctuary. There you will find turtles of all ages.

We like to visit the donkey sanctuary on a day we go to Sorobon. Located up the road from Sorobon, it makes for a well-rounded day.


The Beautiful Caribbean Flamingo

The Beautiful Caribbean Flamingo

Bonaire is home to many beautiful birds, but perhaps the most elegant is the Caribbean Pink Flamingo. The beta carotenes, found easily in the crustaceans and plankton on Bonaire, make the Caribbean Flamingo one of the most colorful of all.

As you drive around Bonaire, you will see many flamingos.  There are three places you will find an abundance of Flamingos.

In the mangroves by Lac Bay, filled with clear water & full of colorful fish, you will find many exotic pink flamingos. The flamingos find fresh food in these waters, and in turn provide tourists with wonderful opportunities to view them in their natural habitat. As you head to Lac Bay and Sorobon, you will be treated to many opportunities to view these beautiful birds.


Bonaire houses one of only four areas in the world which breed Flamingos – The Pekelmeer  (“salt lake” in Dutch) Flamingo Sanctuary.  Although not open to the public, you can view these beautiful birds in their sanctuary near the salt lakes of Bonaire. A pair of binoculars are in order to view them from the road, or while relaxing at Pink Beach.

Villa Lunt Bonaire salt ponds Bonaire

These pools appear pink against the white salt pyramids. The pink color comes from the tiny rosy brine shrimp which live in the water. At the southern end of the island, amid the vast salt pans,The Pekelmeer Flamingo sanctuary resides.



Windsurfing on Bonaire

Windsurfing on Bonaire

On the east coast, also known as the windward side, of Bonaire you will find Lac Bay, a shallow and sheltered water area. The forecast is always sunny, warm and windy. Lac Bay is where the majority of windsurfers will hang out on Bonaire.  There are 3 beaches along this bay – Sorobon Beach Club, Jibe City and Windsurf Place. We enjoy all 3, but for windsurfing, we will hang by Jibe City or Windsurf Place.

Watching the amazing wind surfers literally fly across the water is unbelievable. Due to the never ending trade winds, Bonaire is a wind surf paradise and is home to many well regarded wind surfers. Watching the amazing  tricks, twists and turns is totally entertaining.

Both Jibe City and Windsurf Place offer board rentals and lessons. Jibe City has a restaurant next door with gratis lounge chairs for diners. Windsurf place will offer lounge chairs for a small fee. They both offer covered and sunny areas.

The shallow waters of Lac Bay provide perfect conditions for new windsurfers. The staff at both facilities are well trained in providing the perfect lessons for any level surfer. After just an hour lesson, you will be catching the wind and setting sail.