Bonaire From The Sea

Charter a boat

Pamper yourself with a private boat tour on Bonaire From The Sea.

When our family visits Bonaire, we spend a lot of time refreshing, fixing up, and cleaning Villa Lunt. Although we take time each day to enjoy Bonaire, towards the end of our trip, it is time to pamper ourselves! It’s Bonaire From the Sea to the rescue with a luxurious chartered boat ride! This is a highlight of our visits to Bonaire. A fabulous family day spent enjoying each other, relaxing, chilling out, snorkeling and dining. Rich and Sue offer great sailing, a wonderful guided snorkel tour, delicious lunch and tapas for dinner. Food and drink are included in the private tour.

Bonaire From the Sea has several charter options to chose from, our family chose the full day option. Several of our guests have used them with rave reviews as well.

From their website : Bonaire from the Sea offers bespoke liveaboard sail, dive and snorkel charters around the beautiful coast of Bonaire in the Dutch Caribbean. You will sail with an experienced and knowledgeable captain and crew and they will act as your guides whilst you dive or snorkel in the calm blue waters, mooring up at any one of over 100 different sites around Bonaire and Klein Bonaire. Sea turtle sightings are our specialty! And they are right – Sue knew we wanted to see the turtles, and she found them for us!

Rich provided us a log of our tour. It was a happy reminder of our fun day!

Private Charter Ride Private charter bonaire

We hope you will find Bonaire From The Sea as glorious as we do!