It Rains Fishes

It Rains Fishes on Bonaire

It Rains Fishes overlooks the beautiful Caribbean Sea and is another wonderful place to dine in Bonaire. Serving many different delicious main course dishes, they are not just limited to fresh caught fish dishes -their menu has beef and poultry options as well – although their fish dishes are SPECTACULAR.  It Rains Fishes menu includes a children’s section featuring chicken nuggets, fresh catch or croquette each served with fries and ice cream. For starters, we recommend their soup options or ceviche – always a crowd pleaser!

In front of the restaurant, many day boaters will leave early in the morning to fish for the day’s catch. If you stroll by mid-morning, you may see them return with their bounty which they cut and clean close to shore.

While looking for more information to provide our guests about this delicious  restaurant, we were interested to read about the history of the over 100 year old building.  The building, “Kas di Pa Kachi Craane i Ma Seshi Craane-Graavenhorst”, is situated on the waterfront of Playa Pabou. This architectural style is called “Kas di Kaha”, box model. The structure consists of three roofs, a hipped roof ­ with dormers around it. The peaks of the roofs are usually decorated with figures or statues.

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