Kayak The Mangrove on Bonaire

The Bonaire Mangroves, in the Lac Bay area, are a perfect area to explore by Kayak.  Steer your kayak through the shallow waters and tunnels of the mangroves and experience one of the best preserved mangroves in the Carribean. The Bonaire mangrove is home to many species of plants, birds and fish who thrive in Bonaire’s waters.  With a guided kayak tour through the mangroves, your trained leader will identify all the species of plants and magnificent birds in this beautiful and tranquil forest. Your guides will happily educate you about the wildlife and plant origins on Bonaire in the mangrove.

Also in Lac Bay, you will find many conch shells. The sea grass in this area is an important environment for queen conch shells, and many other sea creature including sea horses, turtles, lobsters and rays. The grass also filters water in Lac Bay.

The fisherman recognized the importance of mangroves to the eco-system. They used to ply the canopied waterways in their boats, fishing and harvesting mangrove twigs. They used the long, pliable sticks to make mats, window coverings and other useful items. This was done by slicing the twigs into long pieces and weaving them into the desired items. Now that the mangroves are protected and the old fishermen have passed on, this art has been lost. Today the mangroves are used as a recreation area.

The mangrove forest of Lac Bay is part of the Bonaire National Marine Park, and all guides must be certified to bring  you through the mangroves. Although there are many operators on Bonaire, we do recommend you check out tours given by

Mangrove Info & Kayak Center

Tel: +599 780 53 53

Oh, and don’t forget the sunscreen, bug spray and water shoes!

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