Jibe City Bonaire

Spending the day at Jibe City while visiting Bonaire is an absolute must!  Jibe City is by Lac Bay, and is among 3 beaches in the area. All are fabulous – Jibe City, Wind Surf Place and Sorobon Beach. These 3 beaches are right next to each other, and you will find them across the island from our villa. It will take about 15-20 minutes to get there, and is well worth the short drive.

Watching the amazing wind surfers literally fly across the water is unbelievable. Due to the never ending trade winds, Bonaire is a wind surf paradise and is home to many well regarded wind surfers. Watching the amazing  tricks, twists and turns is totally entertaining.

Jibe City Bonaire Villa Lunt Vacation Rental

Our kids like to rent a board for a few hours and try their best wind surfing. Steve and I hang out on the lounge chairs and take it all in. There is a great dock a ways out – and the entire walk to the dock is in relatively shallow waters. It’s so cool.  Just beyond the bay, the waves of the ocean can be seen crashing, but the water in the bay is completely calm.

For a more relaxing afternoon, we spend time at Sorobon. When we want to be in the action with the kids, it’s Jibe City for us.


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