Food Delivery Service on Bonaire

Bonaire is a very quaint and small island, and although tourists have been coming to Bonaire for many years, one would not describe Bonaire as “touristy”. With that comes tremendous peace and tranquility, and in return some modern luxuries are not always readily available … but that’s changing! The Bonairian citizens continue to be welcoming of tourists and local companies are continuing to cater to this population.  Bonaire now has a food delivery service! We are so excited to see this company on Bonaire, and hope that it flourishes on our well-loved island.

Dinner in a Box provides delivery service from many restaurants on Bonaire. Take a peak at their website and click on any of the restaurants to view their menus.  When ordering, please note we are in Sabadeco. Their website details their delivery charges as well.

Many of the restaurants on their site are also listed in our recommendations, and we hope you will take the opportunity to “eat out” under the palapa on the grounds of Villa Lunt.


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