Bonaire Cruise Ship

Cruise Ships and Pop Up Shopping

More and more, cruise ships have been docking on the beautiful island of Bonaire. As the cruise ships unload, the streets of Bonaire become alive with many smiling tourist taking in the wonderful sights of our beautiful island.  I always marvel at the way downtown transforms when a cruise ship is in port. Our quiet downtown becomes bustling with tour operators, buses and golf carts picking up the passengers and taking them to different sites of Bonaire.

Perhaps one of the most fascinating things to me is the pop up shops in Kralendijk. Right in the center of the town square, vendors set up their shops and provide a wonderful assortment of Bonaire treasures for the ship passengers to peruse & purchase.

Pop Up Shops and Cruise Ships

Downtown Kralendijk has continued to expand since our list visit to Bonaire. Many new stores grace the shore line with a variety of trinkets, clothing, souvenirs, pastries and coffee. The kiosks in the square add a fun atmosphere to the Bonaire shopping experience.