“Cliff Jumping Bonaire”

Bonaire has a lot of fun things to do, Cliff Jumping at the Oil Slick dive site was a suggestion from one of our guests. The dive site Oil Slick is just a few blocks from Villa Lunt. In addition to great diving, Oil Slick has a large rock which can double as a launch for a fun afternoon of “Cliff Jumping”. Our kids and their friends had a blast jumping in, snorkeling around, then using the great ladder to get out and do it all again. There is a small cave nearby where the kids enjoyed exploring.

Villa Lunt Bonaire Oil Slick Cliff Jumping

Oil Slick also has a dock where you can setup a beach chair to enjoy one of Bonaire’s beautiful sunsets. We brought the beach chairs from our garage, and sat for a while. We packed a light snack and drinks in the cooler you will find in our pantry.

After the sunset, several experienced divers came by to do night diving. They spent time talking to the kids about all the beautiful sea life and showed them the sea at night. The kids were thrilled!

Throughout Bonaire, you will find many large rocks for jumping, especially in the marine park. The are also many caves for exploring. If you are interested in exploring some of these caves, let us know!

What is your favorite activity on Bonaire? Drop us a line, so we can check it out and pass it along.

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