1000 Steps

1000 Steps Dive Site

There are not nearly 1000 limestone steps descending to this fantastic dive site – however, when returning to your vehicle, the 65 ish steps feels like 1000 with the weight of your dive gear.

Described by Tourism Bonaire, “Immediately under the boat mooring are some outstanding formations of star coral. These have grown into high rising pagoda-like structures whose hollow cores provide homes for many reef creatures. Look inside for bluish of eggs guarded by the slate colored male sergeant majors. These ”pagodas” are found in a few other places. Keep an eye out for handbill turtles and manta rays. Passing whale sharks have been spotted here. Depth 20-100 feet (6-30 meters)”

The shore accessible site 1000 Steps is #16 on your Bonaire Dive Map, and very close to Villa Lunt. With a small beach, 1000 Steps is a great, and easy to access site to snorkel. We have lightweight chairs in the garage you may bring to enjoy your time at 1000 Steps.

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