Bonaire Dive Sites

From the shore, Bonaire dive sites are marked by name on yellow stones, as shown in the picture below. The yellow markers make it easy to find the path to any of the sites.

Bonaire Dive Sites Villa Lunt Bonaire Vacation Rental

Bonaire has 86 dive sites, which are all labelled on the Bonaire dive maps.  You can pick up a map at any dive shop and most car rental companies. Many of our guests enjoy exploring the many shore dive sites of Bonaire over several days during their visit. In order to enter the Marine Park, and to transport your gear from site to site, a pickup truck is the most requested & useful form of transportation. We recommend taking a water taxi, or hiring boat to visit Klein Bonaire, where you will find many more amazing Bonaire dive sites.

The Andrea Bonaire Dive Sites (both I & II) are in the Sabadeco development, just a short distance from Villa Lunt. The Bonaire dive sites Oil Slick and 1000 Steps are nearby as well.

When home at Villa Lunt, you will find several books detailing the sea life in the Caribbean. We hope you find the time to relax in the evening and identify all the different species you spotted.  Bonaire is home to over 350 recorded fish species.

We love to post pictures of our guests adventures while diving the beautiful waters of Bonaire. Please feel free to send us a picture or video you would allow us to share on our website or on Facebook. Enjoy!

Jibe City Bonaire

Spending the day at Jibe City while visiting Bonaire is an absolute must!  Jibe City is by Lac Bay, and is among 3 beaches in the area. All are fabulous – Jibe City, Wind Surf Place and Sorobon Beach. These 3 beaches are right next to each other, and you will find them across the island from our villa. It will take about 15-20 minutes to get there, and is well worth the short drive.

Watching the amazing wind surfers literally fly across the water is unbelievable. Due to the never ending trade winds, Bonaire is a wind surf paradise and is home to many well regarded wind surfers. Watching the amazing  tricks, twists and turns is totally entertaining.

Jibe City Bonaire Villa Lunt Vacation Rental

Our kids like to rent a board for a few hours and try their best wind surfing. Steve and I hang out on the lounge chairs and take it all in. There is a great dock a ways out – and the entire walk to the dock is in relatively shallow waters. It’s so cool.  Just beyond the bay, the waves of the ocean can be seen crashing, but the water in the bay is completely calm.

For a more relaxing afternoon, we spend time at Sorobon. When we want to be in the action with the kids, it’s Jibe City for us.


“Cliff Jumping Bonaire”

Bonaire has a lot of fun things to do, Cliff Jumping at the Oil Slick dive site was a suggestion from one of our guests. The dive site Oil Slick is just a few blocks from Villa Lunt. In addition to great diving, Oil Slick has a large rock which can double as a launch for a fun afternoon of “Cliff Jumping”. Our kids and their friends had a blast jumping in, snorkeling around, then using the great ladder to get out and do it all again. There is a small cave nearby where the kids enjoyed exploring.

Villa Lunt Bonaire Oil Slick Cliff Jumping

Oil Slick also has a dock where you can setup a beach chair to enjoy one of Bonaire’s beautiful sunsets. We brought the beach chairs from our garage, and sat for a while. We packed a light snack and drinks in the cooler you will find in our pantry.

After the sunset, several experienced divers came by to do night diving. They spent time talking to the kids about all the beautiful sea life and showed them the sea at night. The kids were thrilled!

Throughout Bonaire, you will find many large rocks for jumping, especially in the marine park. The are also many caves for exploring. If you are interested in exploring some of these caves, let us know!

What is your favorite activity on Bonaire? Drop us a line, so we can check it out and pass it along.

Bonaire Sunset

Bonaire Sunset - Villa Lunt

Sit and watch a beautiful sunset on Bonaire. Always an amazing array of colors – yellow, blue, purple. This one was captured while hanging out for happy hour at the Buddy Dive bar.  There are many restaurants along the coast of Bonaire to catch a beautiful sunset while dining or enjoying a cocktail. An evening we always enjoy when we visit Bonaire is spent at the Buddy Dive resort. The kids enjoy the pool with the swim up bar. They order their smoothies while we enjoy a cocktail at the bar. After happy hour, we stroll over to Ingridients and enjoy an amazing meal. Ingridients is on the Buddy Dive property, pictured in the yellow building above.  Sometimes the kids join us, and sometimes they prefer to eat at the Buddy Dive restaurant. All in all, a very pleasant evening for all involved.

Specials at Villa Lunt

!!!!! Villa Lunt is Offering Spring Specials !!!!!

Villa Lunt in Bonaire is offering specials for available weeks through June … Tourist tax would apply; prices for 2 people in one bedroom. As always, we host one group at a time at Villa Lunt, unused bedrooms remain vacant.

6 nights – Sunday 5/7 to Saturday 5/13 – $1000
7 nights – Saturday 5/13 to Saturday 5/20 – $1200
6 nights – Sunday 6/4 to Saturday 6/10 – $1000

The same special rates will apply for any September 2017 booking – 6 nights starting at $1000; 7 nights starting at $1200.

Look What Santa Brought Villa Lunt ….

A new kitchen! Complete with new appliances, including a new OVEN !!! We added cabinet space for more storage and under the cabinet lighting to enhance your cooking experience – or just help you see better 🙂

We hope 2017 brings you much health & happiness and brings you back to Villa Lunt.

The recently renovated kitchen at Villa Lunt.


From our home to yours, Happy Holidays, Happy New Year and Enjoy!

Sunny regards,

The Lunt Family

Osaka Sushi & Teppan Yaki

Osaka Japanese Bonaire Restaurant

Many of our guests have told us about Osaka, and we have not made it ourselves yet, but WOW the reviews from everyone are awesome. Lily (our property manager) recently enjoyed an awesome meal there. They say every plate they serve is a painting, and it tastes at least as sensational as it looks. With fresh local fish caught from the sea and served daily, they seem to living up to their word!

Check out their website, and then check them out! I know we will be on our next visit.