Making Lemonade

Making Lemonade

You know what they say, when life gives you lemons, make lemonade.

That’s always been one of many mottos for us here at Villa Lunt. We go out of our way to help you make the most of your vacation on Bonaire.

Our car got a flat tire. No worries, let us know where you are and our property manager will assist. It’s raining; no worries, go diving, you are under water any way! It’s too sunny (wait, what, do people really say that?); no worries, there is an umbrella in the garage for you to bring to the beach.  The blender is broken; no worries, there is an extra one in the pantry. That one doesn’t work either; no worries, we’ll have a new one on the kitchen counter by the time you get home. By the way, we have extras of just about all of our electronics in the pantry – Bonaire is a small island, and not everything is available on island. Better to be prepared.

Last month, Villa Lunt itself suffered from a lemon; a leak under the tiled floor. This wouldn’t have been a problem if there was access to the leak, but there wasn’t. The floor needed to be raised and fully redone. No worries, we needed a new bathroom anyway. Adding additional luxury & comfort, Villa Lunt in Bonaire is the proud owner of a 4th full bathroom.

Check out our calendar, and contact us to book your next Bonaire Vacation. Oh, and Steve says, when life gives you limes, make margaritas. You’ll find our new blender is perfect for that!

New Bathroom full lemonde New Bathroom Lemonade

Cruise Ships and Pop Up Shopping

Bonaire Cruise Ship

More and more, cruise ships have been docking on the beautiful island of Bonaire. As the cruise ships unload, the streets of Bonaire become alive with many smiling tourist taking in the wonderful sights of our beautiful island.  I always marvel at the way downtown transforms when a cruise ship is in port. Our quiet downtown becomes bustling with tour operators, buses and golf carts picking up the passengers and taking them to different sites of Bonaire.

Perhaps one of the most fascinating things to me is the pop up shops in Kralendijk. Right in the center of the town square, vendors set up their shops and provide a wonderful assortment of Bonaire treasures for the ship passengers to peruse & purchase.

Pop Up Shops and Cruise Ships

Downtown Kralendijk has continued to expand since our list visit to Bonaire. Many new stores grace the shore line with a variety of trinkets, clothing, souvenirs, pastries and coffee. The kiosks in the square add a fun atmosphere to the Bonaire shopping experience.

Villa Lunt Specials For Last Minute Vacations

The fabulous pool and gazebo of Villa Lunt

Checkout Villa Lunt Specials !

Tired of the cold weather? Dreaming of sunshine & cool breezes? Villa Lunt in Bonaire is offering specials to our returning guests for “last minute” vacations during following dates :

  • June 2nd to June 30th 2018
  • July 14th to July 21st
  • July 28th to August 4th

Our special rate for these dates is  $175 a night ($1225 for 7 nights) which includes exclusive access to the property for 2 guests in one bedroom. Added bedroom and tourist tax will apply for additional guests.

Remember, always book direct …

Villa Lunt Bonaire Website

We look forward to hearing from you soon.

Yes! Bonaire Is A Very Cool Island

Yes! Bonaire Is A Very Cool Island

Loved coming across this fun article in Forbes, photo and article by Breanna Wilson, about Bonaire. Bonaire is a cool, unspoiled island in the Caribbean. 11 square miles of sunshine, warm weather and cool breezes. The beautiful waters around Bonaire are perfect for scuba diving, snorkeling, windsurfing, boating and just about any water sport you can think of. Bonaire boasts some of the top rated restaurants in the entire Caribbean. But, one of the most special things about Bonaire is the laid back lifestyle afforded to you. Bonaire is not a touristy island, it is simply paradise.

Enjoy !

Forbes Article on Bonaire

This Just In – American Airlines Flying Direct to Bonaire

This Just In – American Airlines Flying Direct to Bonaire

We were so glad to hear American Airlines will be offering non-stop roundtrip service to Bonaire weekly beginning in June 2018!!!!

American Airlines will add to the United States based carriers flying direct  to Bonaire every Saturday. The flights are currently scheduled to depart Miami early afternoon on Saturday. The return flight will take off on Saturdays from Bonaire flying direct to Miami.

There are now 4 airlines serving 5 cities flying direct from North America to Bonaire. In addition to American Airlines, guests arriving from the United States and Canada have the following options:

  • United flies via Houston and Newark direct to Bonaire weekly. United has increased the number of flights offered a week depending based on demand.
  • Delta flies via Atlanta direct to Bonaire seasonally up to 3 times a week
  • Sunwing flies via Toronto direct to Bonaire weekly during high season

For more information on traveling to Bonaire, check out our Travel Information page.


Specials at Villa Lunt

!!!!! Villa Lunt is Offering Spring Specials !!!!!

Villa Lunt in Bonaire is offering specials for available weeks through June … Tourist tax would apply; prices for 2 people in one bedroom. As always, we host one group at a time at Villa Lunt, unused bedrooms remain vacant.

6 nights – Sunday 5/7 to Saturday 5/13 – $1000
7 nights – Saturday 5/13 to Saturday 5/20 – $1200
6 nights – Sunday 6/4 to Saturday 6/10 – $1000

The same special rates will apply for any September 2017 booking – 6 nights starting at $1000; 7 nights starting at $1200.

Look What Santa Brought Villa Lunt ….

A new kitchen! Complete with new appliances, including a new OVEN !!! We added cabinet space for more storage and under the cabinet lighting to enhance your cooking experience – or just help you see better 🙂

We hope 2017 brings you much health & happiness and brings you back to Villa Lunt.

The recently renovated kitchen at Villa Lunt.


From our home to yours, Happy Holidays, Happy New Year and Enjoy!

Sunny regards,

The Lunt Family

Matthew who? what?

As many of you may have heard, Matthew took the very rare path of going through the Caribbean Sea. Bonaire was relatively spared, just some churned up water, extra wind and some much needed rain. We had guests visiting during Matthew, and are happy to post some of their wonderful pictures. Simply amazing ! And congratulations to one of the couples who are engaged to be married in September 2018.

scuba-diving-pic turtle-in-bonaireengaged-couple